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Articles are sorted by category to better address the various topics of discussion based upon relevance to everyday life. It is my hope to bring these spiritual messages to you in a format that allows everyone to participate in this discussion no matter what challenge you may be facing. We are all part of this wonderful process called life and even though it may appear on the surface that we are separate – in spiritual reality we are all One.

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Bible Interpretation

Are You a Body or a Soul

What is Christ Consciousness

Restoring and Renewing Your Divine Programming

8 Key Intentions That Will Supercharge Your Life

Is this Blasphemy or Truth

Is the Purpose of Life Challenges to Hurt or Help You

Why Did Jesus Speak to the People in Parables

Did Jesus Die for Our Sins or Our Freedom

Are You Aware of the Trick of the Ego

What Spiritual Role Did Jesus Son of God Embody

What is the Spiritual True Meaning of Christmas

What is the Spiritual Truth

Has Religion Misinterpreted the Truth About Salvation

What Does Baptism Mean to a Spiritual Truth Seeker

Do You Believe in the Fountain of Youth

What Prevents Many People from Attracting Abundance in Life

Spiritual Growth & Faith

Is the Feddie Gray Baltimore Death the End of Police Brutality

Are You Aware of Your Spiritual Powers and Potential

Part 2: The Problem – The Ferguson Missouri and New York Policy Killings

Part 1: The Problem – The Ferguson Missouri and New York Policy Killings

Spiritual Psychology – Mass Control and Core Influence

Spiritual Self-Esteem Affect On Your Life

What is the Spiritual Solution

Are Your Beliefs Based on Spirit and Truth

What Are Your Beliefs About God

Who Do You Think You Are

Spiritual Sin In Everyday Life

What Is My Spiritual Index Level

How Do I Grow Spiritually

Why Is Renewing Your Mind A Necessity

Are You Worshiping in Spiritual Truth or Religious Beliefs

What Is Spiritual Growth

Power Over Emotional Storms

Don’t Blame – It Blocks Your Blessings

Are You Ready to Challenge the Typical Problematic System

Spiritual Education

How Do I Become Spiritually Enlightened

The Solution for Eliminating Your Problems Forever

Killing – What is the Problem with the System

The Message in the Charleston South Carolina Church Massacre

What Is Spiritual Praise and Worship

13 Unbelievable Spiritual Truths

Are You Aware of the Spiritual Laws of Life

Are You Committed to A Totally Successful Life

What is the Spiritual Truth Concerning A Life More Abundantly

How Can Holistic Education Make the World Better

Are You Worshipping in Spiritual Truth or Religious Beliefs

Fort Hood Shooting – What is the Solution

How Does Spirituality Help to Overcome Worry

Are You Aware of Spiritual Bondage

How Do I Find My Purpose in Life

What is Spiritual Faith

Who Do You Believe God Is

Response to Navy Yard Shooting

Education is the Key to Life

What Is the Million Dollar Question

Your Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Family & Relationships

How to Overcome the Grief of Death

How Can Spirituality Help Me Attract My Soul Mate – Part Two

How Can Spirituality Help Me Attract My Soul Mate – Part One

Think Life A Man or Think Like A Goddess

The Power of Negative Words

Secrets of Relationship Bliss

Health & Fitness

Is Healing and Longevity Possible for Me

The Spiritual Law of Health and Wellness

How Does Spirituality Make You Healthy

What is the Secret to Holistic Healing

Illness is an Opportunity for Healing

What Is Holding You Back from Reaching Your Higher Potential

Is Lack of Knowledge Your Enemy

What Is the Solution to Lack of Knowledge

Career & Money

Spirituality and Wealth

Are You a Believer or a Non Believer

The Joy of Wealth


Three Keys to Eliminating Emptiness

The Spiritual State of the Economy Address

Why Must We Go Through Hardships

The 5 Steps to a Happier and More Fulfilling Life


Trump – How to Make America Great

Is Spirituality and Faith at the Top of Your Priority List

What is Gods Dream for You

Why Is God In You

God Is Your Servant

You Reap What You Sow

Archive Articles

Lack of Faith Will Cause More Insecurity, Turbulence and Danger

Spiritual Growth – The Purpose of Life

Longevity – How to Achieve It

Longevity – What Your Doctor is Not Telling You

Happiness – How to Find It – The Six Spiritual Steps

Perspective – The Problem and the Solution

Happiness – Where to Find It

Happiness – What’s Missing From Your Life

The Truth – Unbelievable and Forbidden

Human Potential – Rethinking What’s Possible

Spirituality – The Way – The Truth – The Life

God – The Power Within You

Are You Vulnerable – Prevent Bad Things from Happening

Problems – The Spiritual Cause and Cure – Eliminate Them from Your Life

The Consequences of the Wrong Perception of Reality

Spiritual Education – The Forbidden Ancient Secret and Modern Day Cure

Blame Yourself – It’s Your Perspective That’s Causing Your Problems

The Great Conspiracy – For the Love of Money Man Has Undermined God

The Root Cause of Problems – Lack of Knowledge of Spiritual Truth

Realizing The Power of Your Potential – The Mind is A Terrible Thing to Waste

Why Most Prayers Are Not Answered

How to Get Your Prayers Answered

How to Have A Breakthrough Year Despite the Bad Economy