About Greg Tharpe

If you don’t already know Greg, let me introduce him and share a bit of information that you may find useful before exploring his website. 

Greg Tharpe is an Author, Master Facilitator of Meditation and Transformation, and a Master of Manifesting.  

Greg became conscious of his spiritual quest after attending a personal development event and Brian Tracey said these seven words that changed his life: “Thoughts are causes and conditions are effects.” 

Those words intrigued him and brought spirituality to the forefront of his consciousness which led him on a relentless search for understanding and truth.

His many years of spiritual growth opened up his channel to divine intelligence where the secrets and mysteries of God, Life, Self, Mind and the universe has been revealed to him.

His thought-provoking and profound spiritual insight brings a new holistic spiritual perspective of God, Self, the Universe, Truth and life which reveals ancient secrets in a new more practical, enlightening, empowering and enriching way.  

Greg’s practical biblical/spiritual teachings about the mind, spirit, soul, life connection causes transformation and increased faith in one’s higher power leading to limitless possibility, greater freedom, happiness, healing and holistic success.  

His mission and passion in life is to advocate transformation education to break the shackles of limited belief programming, renew the mind, and inspire change and belief in the power and potential within to make one’s life purposeful, successful and fulfilling.

Greg’s book The Godsend – How to create Heaven in your life, is a must read for spiritual seekers of greater clarity, truth, total success, transformation and fulfillment.

You may have many questions pertaining to how Spirituality can help you in today’s changing times and how it can influence your faith and ability to effortlessly manifest your dream.

Greg would love to assist you to get in touch with your inner self that has all the answers to all your questions.

His office is located in Warner Robins, Georgia south of Atlanta. You can reach him through his contact form, email at [email protected] or by telephone at 478-923-8611.