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Spiritual Enlightenment and Life Wisdom
with Author and Master Life Transformation
Coach Greg Tharpe

I help believers transform their mind and increase their faith to the supernatural
realm where they connect with the wisdom and power to effortlessly manifest a life full
of freedom, purpose, passion, peace, love, joy, happiness, good health, prosperity and
success despite the challenging world.


My life took a tremendous turn for the better after enrolling in Greg’s Life-Enrichment Mini-Course.

Everything is all of a sudden clearer to me. I 100% recommend it.

Silas Thompson
Greg's Student
Silas Thompson , Greg's Student

Greg Tharpe

Greg Tharpe here, and welcome to my website. If I don’t already know you, I’ve been waiting to meet you and get to know more about you. There are no coincidences; therefore we were destined to meet at this exact moment in time for this reason.

Your spirit has attracted in your life what I am about to share with you to assist you with your journey of spiritual growth, transformation, and manifesting your dream. 

Therefore, it’s no surprise that you have attracted my energy and found your way here to a place where you can find the secrets of how to access powerful spiritual wisdom, insight, inspiration and solutions for life’s biggest practical challenges.

I am here to guide you to a place within you where you can access super natural secrets, insights, and life wisdom to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be i.e. the more blessed and beautiful life that you want. 

However, if you are not awakened yet you will repel the energy of our attraction because you are not ready to change, grow, and leave your current state of belief right now. This is a sign that your ego is still deceiving you.

It’s okay, I’ve been there and done that. I understand and I am pulling for you because I know you and believe in you. I know what you are going through and I am here to help you overcome those psychological barriers (F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal) and live your best life.


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