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Greg Tharpe

Spiritual Enlightenment and Life Wisdom – Spiritual Solutions to Money, Health and Relationship Challenges with The Godsend Book Author – Greg Tharpe

My life took a tremendous turn for the better after enrolling in Greg's Life-Enrichment Mini-Course. Everything is all of a sudden clearer to me. I 100% recommend it.
Silas Thompson
Greg's Student
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Greg Tharpe

Greg Tharpe here, and welcome to my website. If I don’t already know you, I’ve been waiting to meet you and get to know more about you. There are no coincidences; therefore we were destined to meet at this exact moment in time for this reason.

Your spirit has attracted in your life what I am about to share with you to assist you with your journey of spiritual awakening and your healing process. I am here to guide you to simple solutions and strategies for your most troublesome challenges. However, if you are not awakened yet you will not feel the energy of our attraction and this opportunity is probably not for you.

My God-given gift is focusing on Bible interpretation through Christian faith and the teachings based on Spiritual Awakening as a whole. Furthermore, it is to help people to heal and gain the spiritual understanding to literally help them overcome the challenges they are facing and want to eliminate from their life.

Believe it or not, this is perhaps the most beautiful and opportunistic times in your life, and your season for spiritual awakening to prosper in all areas. God is good and many of you are spiritual seekers, or of Christian faith, or another religion and have some areas in your life that need healing, improvement or renewing.

I feel that there is something in you that is yearning to grow and expand beyond your current situation because you know in your heart that God has bigger plans and blessings for you.

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