God Does Not Need Man…Man Needs God

And he (God) is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything. – Acts 17:25 (NIV)

Note: The terms “God” and “He” are figures of speech for the Creator of the Universe. This post is not intended to offend anyone’s personal, spiritual or religious beliefs.

God is independent; He has everything; He owns the universe and everything in it; He needs nothing from man. Man is the one who needs God. Without God, man has no chance of understanding the mystery and complexity of life, and is doomed to being caught up in one of Satan’s traps, which keep him from experiencing true happiness and fulfillment.

God does not ask for worldly praise, worship, rituals or tithes; God is not into receiving these things; God is into giving blessings through the Holy Spirit. God wants nothing more from you than for you to trust Him and get out of His way so that He can do His thing, and bless you abundantly. Therefore, God wants you to correct your misconceptions of life.

God does not need praise, He has higher self-esteem; He wants you to praise each other. God does not need money; He is the source form which true wealth comes.

God does not need you to worship Him; God is humble; He does not have an ego.

God does not need religious rituals and ceremonies; they are for man’s gratification.

God does not need mega–churches; the church/temple is within you.

The only thing God needs from you is for you to seek the truth, and change the way you think and believe (get the hell out of the way… free your mind and soul), so that your faith in Him can increase. Then He can come into your life and bless you with the wisdom power and prosperity necessary for a fulfilling life.



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