It’s Possible

IT’S POSSIBLE…we human beings have a mind that has the ability/potential to think the thoughts and believe the beliefs that will cause our subconscious mind, aka soul, aka potential energy, aka heart, aka life (energy), aka divinity (God in us) to cause our body and life to bring those thoughts and beliefs to life (manifest).

THE PROBLEM: The problem is that we don’t believe, if we say we do, we are fooling ourselves, it is belief that is in our head and not in our heart/subconscious. It is obvious by our emotional, physical and/or financial state that our lives are in today (manifestations). Or, we are not focused on the things that are most important in life e.g. happiness, good health and prosperity(?). Again it’s obvious by our results. What you focus on manifest, the subconscious (life energy) takes those words or imaginary pictures and brings them to life. Therefore, our attention and intention is out of whack. If we focus on the right thoughts and beliefs, our potential energy that all humans are connected to, will manifest/bring these words e.g. happiness, good health and prosperity to life. Our life would be HEAVEN on earth … GUARANTEED!

THE TRICK: Here is the trick, I’ll say this in biblical terms, the Devil/Satan does not want you to be successful. Even though he will allow us limited success, so we will be content. His role and mission in the game of life is to get us NOT to believe in ourselves or not to believe in our POTENTIAL energy, aka GOD IN US, power to bring abundant success in each part of your life. Therefore, if he can’t get you not to believe, he is going to try to distract you and get your attention on all of this unimportant stuff going on in the world. Faith without Focus is dead!

THE SOLUTION: The bottom line is, if you plant the seeds of happiness, good health and prosperity, FOCUS e.g. water nurture and cultivate them. The spiritual soil, aka subconscious mind, aka soul, aka potential energy, aka heart, aka life (energy), aka divinity (God in us) is going to guarantee you an abundant crop when it is ready to be harvested.

FOCUS…FOCUS…FOCUS…FOCUS…FOCUS…it has to be developed but it’s possible. As your focus GROWS so will you GROW and so will your happiness and the rest of your blessings GROW.

Be Wise…Be Free…Intend/Expect To Be Abundantly Blessed w/ Peace, Joy, Happiness and Success!



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