A Mans Search for Happiness

A man has a good job, making a six figure income. Therefore, he doesn’t have money problems.

He’s in good health, eat right, work out four days a week, therefore he doesn’t have health problems.

He’s married to his high school sweetheart and has two well behaved kids; therefore he doesn’t have family problems.

He has a great personality and social life, therefore he doesn’t have relationship or self esteem problems.

He goes to church every Sunday and he is very much into politics. But he is still not happy; something is missing from his life. Guess what it is? He hasn’t passed the necessary requirements for happiness. He is searching for happiness in the world where it can not be found.

Happiness is found in a spiritual relationship with God (e.g. understanding the source of happiness which understands the mind, body, spirit and soul interaction) Let it be known that happiness does not come from this world (e.g. people, places and things).

So, to answer the question ‘Where does happiness come from?’ GOD Within!



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