Uncovering the Mystery of Your God Given Potential

You are the co-creator in your life. The creator in you is creating 24 hours a day 7 days a week. What ever results that you have achieved, emotionally, physically, financially you consciously or subconsciously co-created.

You have the potential to create anything that is humanly possible e.g. extreme happiness, perfect health and longevity, extreme wealth. However, it is only possible if you intend it and put your energy, attention and focus on it. If you don’t put your focus on the things that you want, your subconscious power is going to create what you don’t want or a small or mediocre portion of what you want. The distractions of life normally win out and keep you from putting your energy and focus on the things that’s most important and that you want in life. But, first and foremost you must intend on co-creating this extraordinary life.

You are connected to the creator (potential energy). It is divinity (the God in you). It has amazing power to cause the manifestation of words in your emotions, body, finances and life. It is at work 24/7 crating your life causing your choices, actions and results based on your mindset.

Everyone is connected to this great power (potential energy). It is given to everyone to use to create an abundantly blessed life. But, most people don’t understand it and don’t believe in it because it doesn’t fit their paradigm.

This great power is either working for you or against you. It can either be your master or your slave. It will master you if you don’t control it. However if you master it – it will act as you servant and do whatever you ask of it.



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