Stop Sowing Bad and Mediocre Seeds

Thoughts/words are spiritual seeds; the subconscious mind/heart/soul is the spiritual soil (creator); you are the farmer (sower). Your life (e.g. emotionally, physically, financially) is the crops/harvest.

“A man reaps what he sows.” – Galatians 6:7

You are the sower and the reaper. Intention plants the seeds; desire waters and cultivates the seeds and the soil; the subconscious/soul manifests the seed/crop in your mind, body and life. Therefore, plant extraordinary seeds and MIND your garden…in due season you are guaranteed an extraordinary harvest. On the other hand if you plant bad or mediocre seeds you are guaranteed a bad or mediocre harvest.

By the way, the subconscious/creator doesn’t discriminate; you don’t have to be religious. You just have to religiously mind your crops.



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