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The Godsend Book Description:

The Godsend – How to Create Heaven in your Life is a life changing breakthrough book based on ancient biblical/spiritual secrets i.e. the workings of the mind, spirit and soul, that can be applied to solve modern day health, relationship and money problems in your life. Its purpose is to inspires it’s readers to think out of the box, at a higher spiritual level beyond religious dogma and worldly programming and conditioning. If you are seeking to learn, grow and make your life abundantly better, this book is definitely the godsend for you.

Here is what the education and wisdom gained from this book will do for you:

Educate you about a more enriching and blessing perspective of life based on the power of your mind and how to apply in to:

– Eliminate sickness and create good health.
– Eliminate over weight and create fit.
– Eliminate poverty and debt and create prosperity.
– Eliminate stress and create peace.
– Eliminate relationship strife and create harmony and bliss.
– Eliminate financial bondage and create financial freedom.
– Eliminate loneliness and attract your ideal/soul mate.
– Eliminate emptiness and create fulfillment.
– Eliminate distortion and create clarity and focus on what is important to you.
– Eliminate fear and increase faith.

If you study this book i.e. read it at least once a year, within the next five years you are going to grow and experience phenomenal happiness, freedom and holistic success in your life. As your thinking changes for the better, so will your life. Get ready for a Spirituality Breakthrough … A NEW YOU … AND A NEW LIFE.

Here’s what I want you to do:

Buy a copy of the book for yourself and/or buy copies of the book for family/friends and/or buy copies of the book for your group or organization.

Here is what Brian Tracy, Best Seller Author and Speaker had to say:

“This is a wonderful, inspiring, insightful book that reveals deep spiritual truths to enrich your life.”

William E. Hablitzel, M.D., author of Dying Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me, said:

“Within these pages, ordinary lives can become extraordinary.Never has a book been more timely or more needed. Learn how ancient secrets can solve our modern problems. Within these pages, ordinary lives can become extraordinary.”


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